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¨Hi Thúy! I just want to say that your suit that I wore for my wedding this past Thursday was Amazing.¨ - Hollie C., Sacramento, CA

¨It was the best Day! Thank you so much for Everything - I am in Love with my suit! I received so many compliments!¨

- Danielle S., San Francisco, CA

¨Thanks for the suit. It looks great!¨ - Sylvia H., Toronto, CAN

¨Hi Thuy, Jesse and I got married this past weekend!  We don't have particularly pretty photographs of anything yet, but we just wanted to let you know that the suits were awesome and everything went well!  We loved how we looked, and we got plenty of compliments on them too.  It mattered a lot to us to have the ceremony the way we wanted, and it just turned out perfectly. ¨

- Katherine & Jesse, Mountain View, CA

 ¨I´ve been wanting a suit for a long time and recently worked up the courage to go for it. After thinking about it I decided three things mattered most to when choosing where to get my suit: somewhere bespoke, small business, and LGBTQ friendly. That´s how I came across Thúy. She not only made me feel comfortable during this entirely new process, she delivered something that far exceeded my expectations. This suit is beautiful, fits like a dream, and makes me feel a whole new kind of confidence i didn´t think possible. Needless to say Thúy comes highly recommended and I will definitely be going back!¨ Juliana Q. - Berkeley, CA

 ¨Thúy has a great sense for creating a fit that worked with my style and body type. Thúy took her time to make me feel comfortable and create a suit I loved. Also, Thúy was always available via text and email when I had questions, and always professional.¨

- Kat M., Boston, MA

 ¨Nothing could compare to the smile on my teenager´s face of how happy she was, How confident she became facing the world that does not always celebrate her lifestyle of being a lesbian. I am a mother first, and I seek to give my daughter love & support fully, so if it comes in a two-piece custom investment, then so be it. Thúy was a gift, that gave my daughter an unspeakable gift that will continue to keep giving into her life beyond measure.¨ - Kamilah D., Los Angeles, CA

¨Right away I knew that this was the right fit for me. As she was taking my measurements Thúy made recommendations and listened for my feedback, anxieties, concerns. What resonated with me was that Thúy understood the challenges with which I’ve struggled. I enjoy male-styled suiting that fits my frame and figure. My height also poses a unique challenge when it comes to suiting. The fit of jacket, length of sleeve, style of cuff can make or break the look. Each new measurement — and they seemed to be blissfully endless — came with caveats, questions, recommendations, and finally agreement. Thúy educated me about custom suiting in a way that was uplifting. She gave me a vocabulary with which to explore my instincts and inspire me further. I was instilled with the confidence that the creation would be my own.¨ - Mindy D.F., Atlanta, GA

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