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THÚY Custom Clothier

What to expect:

Custom suiting that is unique to your personal style.

Please schedule a complimentary phone consult (up to 15 minutes) before booking your Initial Consultation appointment.  There is an $100 non-refundable Styling Fee per person to schedule your time with me.  This fee must be paid upon booking and will not be refunded for late cancellations.  If you need to reschedule, please kindly give a 3-day advanced notice.  


During your Initial Consultation, we will look over several books of fabric samples and talk about your vision for your custom attire. After making a selection of your fabric/s and choice of lining, I will then take your full measurements. We will then talk about the design/style of your outfit. You'll have additional custom options and design details to choose from. Some customizations requests may cost extra.  Prices range for fabrics and linings.


This extensive process can be overwhelming so please be prepared to spend 2-3 hours at your Initial Consultation.

Clients have commented on how the consultations are fun and engaging.   


Your total cost for your custom suit/attire includes most customary design requests and the first fitting on-site.  Some designs and fabrics may cost extra.  

Full payment must be received to start production of your custom attire.  The turn around time is approximately 10-12 weeks, due to the impact of the pandemic.  I highly suggest getting your custom order in 3 months before your event date.  Orders placed around December, January and April will add 2-3 weeks to the turnaround time.  Your custom attire is completely handmade!  Fabrics that have to be sourced from our UK suppliers, linings that have to be custom printed to order, and some styling details may increase the turnaround time, so please keep that in mind. Sadly, some fabric suppliers were unable to survive the effects of the pandemic, and this has caused more delays in sourcing, and higher costs.


All suiting fabrics are sourced ethically and from top suppliers who also work with designer brands.


Rush processing is available for an additional fee.  Our in-house fabrics and linings are recommended for rush orders.


Once your suit is ready, I will set up a First Fitting with you. During that time, it's standard that some minor alterations may be needed for a more satisfactory fit.  Some alterations will require an additional fee.


The total cost of your custom garment/s include a pattern in your profile/measurements, materials, labor, and the first fitting.  Adjustments are also covered during the first fitting, with the exception of extreme shifts in measurements of over/under 1.5+ inches for jackets/pants.  For shirting, there is no room for allowance to increase, so please keep that in mind. Client is fully responsible for any additional alterations due to extreme shifts in measurements at time of first fitting.


You have 7 calendar days after the first fitting to let me know of any requests for additional alterations.  THÚY Custom Clothier is not responsible for additional alterations/repairs after that period.

There is a travel fee for appointments requested outside San Francisco. 

Delivery/shipping fees are also additional.


THÚY Custom Clothier is not responsible for the life of your suit.  I will give suggestions on how to care for your it.

There are ABSOLUTELY NO Refunds. All Sales are Final. I will do my best to get you the right fit. Please reach out with any questions and/or concerns.

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