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THÚY Custom Clothier

Care of your custom made garment:

Your custom attire is made of natural fibers and special care will prolong the life of your garment. Please do not machine wash your garment. I recommend using a hand steamer (with distilled water, basically water that has been boiled) to freshen up your suit and the use of a garment brush to remove dust and lint.


Please dry clean only to remove tough stains and odors. If you are spot cleaning, please test on a spot inside of your garment, first. Always try to use cold water and a mild detergent when spot cleaning. Too much dry cleaning is harmful to the natural fibers of your garment, as is pressing. 

I recommend spot cleaning, airing and brushing your garments for mild soiling and odors . These easy and inexpensive steps may help extend the life of your custom suit.

Please try to always hang your suit and store in a breathable bag. Please always try to keep away from prolonged Sun exposure and from getting soaked in water. Prolonged heat and dampness may damage the fibers of your garment. Plastic garment bags may be used for travel, transport, and temporary storage.

Please reach out with any questions or concerns at

Enjoy your THÚY Suit! 

Close-up of 3-piece light gray suit, peak lapel, vest, and blue tie with white shirt.
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